Telco2 Limited

Telco2 is a New Zealand company providing a range of specialist market, regulatory, and infrastructure advice, with a focus on radiocommunications. Its customers include network operators, government bodies, and a host of commercial & non-governmental organisations across the Asia Pacific region. Services available on-site in APEC and Pacific Island economies fall under several broad categories:


Telco2 carries out technical and process audits for commercial, education, and government network operators. Audit projects have included remote and in-person work, and have involved everything from penetration testing to physical inspection of wireless systems on buildings and towers.


Full-stack design services are available for network operators, with focus areas in remote broadband, harbour management, large-scale IoT/LoRaWAN. Services include site design, solar & DC power system design, radio linking and coverage design, IP network architecture, and network management systems provision.


Telco2's principal consultant is an approved radio engineer (ARE159), and provides radio spectrum coordination & license certification services for 20+ telecommunications operators in New Zealand.


Telco2 has provided policy inputs direct to government processes and on contract to lobby groups in the areas of radio spectrum management and fixed line telecommunications regulation, with a special focus on New Zealand and Philippine markets.


Emerging telecommunications markets are an area of exepertise for Telco2. Recent public work includes The Connected Pacific, From Analog to Digital: Philippine Policy and Emerging Internet Technologies, and contributions to Mobilizing the Philippine Archipelago.


For customers including APNIC, the International Telecommunications Union, and the University of Oregon, Telco2 has provided workshops in more than twenty five countries on network operations and radio technologies.

Public Speaking

Telco2's principal consultant has been an invited speaker at conferences throughout the world on topics including TVWS communications, Submarine cables, the IoT, and Satellite communications.

Hiring Telco2

New engagements are via referral only. If you're interested in our services, please seek an introduction via one of our existing or former customers.